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As parents, we know that play is highly absorbing. What kids don't know is that while they are playing, they are also learning social and intellectual skills that help prepare them for kindergarten.


Dundarave Preschool prides itself on its high quality play based curriculum. We believe children learn through play with active hands on involvement with materials. The classroom is set up whereby children are able to chose materials to work with which are well organised, visable and easy to reach. This gives the children a sense of control and independance. By allowing them to explore the world around them and interact with materials, people, ideas and events enables them to construct their own understanding of reality.


Daily Routine

The Daily Routine provides a structure within which children can decide what they want to do. The routine is developed with their needs and interests in mind and provides opportunities for them to express their goals, follow through with their plans, and solve problems. These opportunities provide the foundation for mental growth.

This predictable daily sequence of events, in which children can make plans and anticipate what will happen next, gives them a sense of control and a feeling of confidence.



Interest Areas of the classroom:

Block Area:  Using natural blocks and large manipulatives children experiment with balance, enclosure, patterns and symmetry.  They explore how structures are built and develop an understanding of how structures and buildings fit into our world.

Toy Area:
  Shelves are stocked with small manipulatives that encourage the children to put together and take apart, sort and match and create unique patterns .
House Area:  Children learn by observation and the house area is an opportunity for them to re-enact events they have experienced, seen or heard about at home or out in the world.  They learn skills both individually and co-operatively in a shared space.
Art Area:  With the open-ended art approach, children will experiment with different types of art media.  Through self-directed exploration children will learn about shape, texture, pattern, and design. Shelves are stocked with scissors, glue, paint, collage materials, felts and more.

Writing Area:
  The writing area is set up to expand the child’s conversational abilities and encourages them to discover the usefulness and fun of the written word. Pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, tape, paper envelopes, alphabet and number letters, computer keyboards and more are all available for the children’s use.
Science and Water area:  Teachers provide both natural and physical science materials for the children to experiment explore and discover.

Outdoor Area
We have a beautiful natural outdoor playground designed for vigorous, noisy and physical play where children are free to run, swing, slide, climb and dig in the sand all within walking distance of the beach and the ocean.

Large Group Time: This is the time when children come together as a whole group. They explore different ways to move their bodies 'purposefully' using non-locomotor and locomotor movements, work with 'steady beat', move with objects and use musical instrument. Children are encourage to describe their movement and act upon movement direction. It is a time when teachers introduce new songs and finger plays and encourage children to act out stories.

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