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Q. How do I register my child?
A. Please see our registration section for more information.


Q. Can I come and see the preschool before I register my children?
A. All perspective families are encouraged to come by for a visit before making any registration decisions. Spend time in the class with your child and see if our program appeals to you. We ask that you please make an appointment by telephone prior to your visit.



Q. My child has delayed development, a disability or may require some assistance to participate in preschool. Can he/she come?
A. Dundarave Preschool by the Sea believes that all children, regardless of ability, have the right to participate in their neighbourhood Preschool. We strive to include all children interested in our program and we will work with any family to explore options for including their child. We currently work with North Shore Health, CCFL (Community Care Facilities Licensing) and Supported Child Care to ensure the program meets the needs of all children who require extra support.


Q. Can my child participate in preschool if they aren't fully potty-trained?
A. Children should be preferably potty-trained however those who are not fully independent are welcome in our program. We support children who are developmentally ready for toilet training. As we are not licensed to change soiled diapers at our facility, we request that a parent be available by telephone if needed.


Q. What kind of activities do the children do at preschool?
A. Dundarave Preschool offers a great program involving blocks, dramatic play, free art and more. Please see our curriculum section for more information on school activities.


Q. What should my child wear to school?
A. Our daily programming includes outdoor play, 'messy play', and paints. We encourage families to send their children to school in clothes that can get messy and appropriate for that day's weather (muddy buddies, boots, hats, and mittens for rainy or cold days; shorts, hats and sunscreen for warmer days).


Q. How much participation is required of parents?
A. Participation is all up to you. Some parents find that their work commitments don't allow them the opportunity of participating in different aspects of the preschool. Other parents can, whether it's hanging out during 'outdoor play' time or becoming involved as a board member.

There's one aspect of running Dundarave Preschool that is important to have parents participate in - and that's fundraising activities. As a non-profit, every year the preschool relies on extra funds raised to off-set operating costs. The school usually holds 2 fundraising initiatives through the year, i.e. a silent auction and garage sale. This fundraising wouldn't be a success without parent involvement. We make it easy to participate by basing various jobs on the time commitment that parents able to offer.


Q. Who is Dundarave Preschool by the Sea owned/operated by?
A. We are a non-profit society, overseen by the North Shore Health Department and regulated by the Government of British Columbia. A voluntary parent board of directors manages the school itself. The actual programming of the classes is overseen and carried out by the team of teachers along with the input from the children and families enrolled in the program. The building is owned by the Municipality of West Vancouver and leased to Dundarave Preschool by the Sea.


Q. Do you have a waiting list for enrolment?
A. A waitlist is maintained for anytime during the year that a space becomes available. The teachers make note on the waiting lists of the active date of the registration.


Q. What will you do if my child cries when I leave?
A. Separation anxiety is very common in preschool-aged children. The teachers are trained to deal with these issues and have many experiences to draw knowledge from in this area of child development! The teachers and the parents will decide together when it is 'time to go' for the parent. If a child cries when the parent leaves, the teacher will comfort the child and reflect their feeling back to them. The teachers will reassure the child that their parent/caregiver will return and will point out the schedule of the day to the child, showing them when their caregiver will return. Quite often, the crying is short lived and the child quickly becomes involved in play and is content for the rest of the session. In the rare instance that the child cries for an extended period of time, the teacher will contact the parent/caregiver and have them return to their child. The extended period of time will be decided upon between the teacher and parent/caregiver prior to the parent/caregiver leaving the child.


Q. Can I stay will my child if he/she cries? (Open-door)
A. Yes! At Dundarave Preschool by the Sea we have an 'open door policy'. Should the parent/caregiver feel that they need to stay with their child if he/she cries, the teachers will support the parent's decision. An evaluation of the situation can be done after a suitable period of time and the teachers will support the parent in separating from their child.


Q. Do you have any set boy/girl ratios?
A. No. Controlling the ratio of girls to boys in a class is against the Human Rights Code and is not practiced in our school.


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